Guests had good success fishing last week and on Sat. despite less then ideal conditions at times. Sundays wind storm was a hole different story though! We saw trout to just over 5 lbs come in this past week. Trout … Continue reading


We’re back into some more fall like conditions after the blast of summer weather a few days ago. Morning temps are right around freezing. The cooling effect will have the trout starting their fall feeding binges in no time. We … Continue reading


Weather has been a bit unsettled the past while, and has made the bite tougher. Water surface temps, are around the 53F mark. Some anglers are reporting getting on good bites here and there, but nothing too consistent. Evenings are … Continue reading

Sept. 2, 15

Water temperatures have dropped to 60 Deg the past few days making a quick change to fall fishing. Fisher’s using maroon, black and brown leeches, micro leeches with pumkinheads doing very well  have had success over the weed beds and … Continue reading


Fishing remained very good last week, with guests reporting lots of action, again, chironomids being the hot ticket. Smaller patterns in greens were the best bet. The Barnes Lake Special tied on a 14 scud hook, was HOT! Friday saw … Continue reading


Fishing has remained good to excellent on Tunkwa since the last report! Some more rain in the area is keeping lake temps down, and oxygen levels good. Night time temps have been dropping to single digits as well, again keeping … Continue reading

Aug. 10/15

Well even with all the wind this last weekend the trout fishing is still going strong. It looks like the wind has helped the lake out and mixed the water up. Guests were getting trout anywhere from 12 feet to … Continue reading

August 4/2015

Fishing has remained good since the last report, with some days still being almost unbelievable . Hatches have been a bit spotty, esp. towards the end of the week, but by moving around, they still can be found. 10′-13′ down, … Continue reading

July 27/2015

BOMBER TIME!!!!! and we’re not talking water bomber’s either! The ‘bomber’ sized chironomids have started to hatch pretty strong right now, with a couple of Tunkwa old timers, commenting they haven’t seen hatches that heavy in a long time. The … Continue reading

July 20/2015

Water tempuratures have cooled down due to low overnight tempurtures with wind late last week and the fishing picked up dramatically starting Saturday. Sunday was good and today is also very good. Chironomid fishing worked the best with large green … Continue reading

July 13/2015

The hot spell broke later last week, with temps going back to more normal.We’ve had rain in the area the past few days as well. Night times are still nice and cool, dropping down to around 7 degrees. Surface water … Continue reading

July 6/2015

Weather up here at Tunkwa has been pretty nice, daytime temps not hitting the highs like the cities, and valleys, our elevation sure helps. Night times have been nice and cool, it was 6 degrees this morning! We’ve had no … Continue reading