Guests had good success fishing last week and on Sat. despite less then ideal conditions at times. Sundays wind storm was a hole different story though! We saw trout to just over 5 lbs come in this past week.

Trout are feeding in the shallows, so fishing in 3′ of water or less is key. Opening in the weed beds, or areas where the weeds are more patchy is key. Presentation doesn’t matter so much as long as your in the right area. It’s pretty hard to beat the worm under the float, but we saw some better fish being caught on smaller spinners(Blue Fox) retrieved through the weeds, and when the lure hangs on the weed, a good rip/snap to dislodge it, will often trigger a reaction hit.

Fly fishing pressure has been light, but fishing attractor patterns, such as PumpkinHeads, Blue Maroons, or 52 Buick’s, in the same areas will get you into fish. Scud patterns should be very effective now, and with the cooler nights, water boatman patterns should get the trouts interest.

We hosted a large annual fishing Derby for Transwest Roofing, and the guys got into fish, and had a great time, with a 3 lb-14oz rainbow being the biggest, and there derby winner. Good job guys!

The nearby Thompson River has been fishing incredible well for jack salmon, and anglers coming back from there are reporting some of the best action they have ever seen there! Unfortunately, the jack fishery there closes this week. There are lots of Sockeye and Pinks migrating through right now, but they are closed to fishing at this time.

The coming couple weeks should see some of the best fishing of the year on Tunkwa, as the cold nights trigger the trout to go into there fall feeding frenzy!


Nice trout Glen!!.

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