Oct. 17/22

Water temps have finally dropped and is hovering around 53 and dropping daily. With the extended summer temps up to 20C lately and night at around 0C a change is a few days away with highs to around 3C and lows down to around 3. Fall  is short lived as wintery pattern will be arriving on the weekend with much needed precipitation. As the colder water temps started the algae has died and has made for much better lake clarity. Fishing has picked up as water clarity improves. Fish are being caught on spinners, Kwik fish, worm under a float with better results on blood leeches, vampire leeches, pumkinheads, black leeches and chironomids and bloodworms. Most fishers are using the indicators at this time, this is the time for casting and stripping over weedbeds. Our boats are being pulled today along with our docks. There has been no ice on the shorelines forming yet, that’s a few weeks away if not longer.

Dec 24, 21

Ice thickness is between 9 and 10 inches with a foot of snow on the ice creating a few slushy spots. We have had just a few folks fishing recently who caught fish to 16 inches although larger ones we … Continue reading

Dec. 5,21

Ice is 3 1/2 inches thick 50 feet off the resorts shoreline, other areas of the lake may have less ice. The lake froze over after thawing 3 times the past 3 weeks due to the warmer weather and has … Continue reading

Oct 11,21

Fishing the past week has been good fishing in shallow water, water temps are down to 45 Deg. Water boatman, small damsel nymphs, scuds from #12 down to #18, pumkinheads and small caddis nymphs produced fish. Weekend fishers had a … Continue reading

Sept. 19,20

Fishing continues to be good the past week besides yesterday where one had to work harder to get into them. Fish have been caught with worm under a float if anchored, Kwik Fish, Hot Shots and spinners working if trolling, … Continue reading


Summer like conditions earlier in the week made for comfortable fishing. Scuds(shrimp) have been the hot fly weather stripped slowly or quickly and even under the indicator, static or twitched with varying retrieves has been productive, One must fish next … Continue reading

Sept 8th,21

We have been open for a couple weeks now, sorry for the lack of reports as we have been busy getting up to speed. Fishing over the last few days has been good using various methods. Worm under a float … Continue reading

July 25,21

Fishing has picked up as chironomid hatches have been coming off in size #12’s. Some are doing very well, others good and others not as good. Larger fish are coming out of the weeds into deeper water but not on … Continue reading

July 18, 21

Fishing has improved over the weekend as larger chironomids have started to hatch. Surface temps have been dropping daily with it being 68-69 yesterday. Throat samples have shown large #12 pupae and large bloodworm and less or no scuds and … Continue reading

July 14/21

Fishing has been spotty with early or late in the day being more productive. Quik fish and hot shots have worked, chironomids of the smaller sizes have worked but one has to wait until the fish are moving. Caddis and … Continue reading