Fishing remained very good last week, with guests reporting lots of action, again, chironomids being the hot ticket. Smaller patterns in greens were the best bet. The Barnes Lake Special tied on a 14 scud hook, was HOT! Friday saw some very stormy weather up here, cool temps(-1!!), rain and strong winds, really whipped the lake up, and moved the fish around, changing everything. Sat. afternoon the fishing turned back on, but Sunday onward, the chironomid bight really slowed down, leaving many struggling, with only a few small fish to show for the efforts. The cool nights have dropped the water temps down, and as usual, somewhat predictable, the trout have moved shallower, and are feeding along the numerous weed edges. Anglers who have adjusted to this change, are being rewarded with some fine catches! Aggressive strikes and bigger then average fish. Maroon Leaches, Vampire leaches, PumpkinHeads, and Dragon Nymphs, are producing now. Casting spinners to the same edges should produce good action as well. These fish seem to want presentations moving quicker.

Trolling should success should also pick up as the water cools, slow trolled plugs, like Kwikfish/Hotshots, or Bingo Bugs, will produce trout.

Weather is absolutely beautiful up here, with the smoke blowing out of the area, it’s a great time to be on the water.


A native “Tunkwa” strain rainbow, being released..

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