Dec. 11,22

Milder weather with some wet snow yesterday made for ideal ice fishing conditions this weekend. Guests were catching some nice fish in varying depths using worms, krill and shrimp. Ice is 12 inches thick of solid blue ice with 4-5 inches of damp snow on top. No slush or water on the ice.

Nov. 28,22

Ice thickness is unchanged from last week sitting at 8 inches with 3-4 inches of new snow on the ice. Well below freezing daytime and nighttime temps this week should increase the ice thickness but the snow insulating the ice … Continue reading

Nov 20,22

Ice thickness 300 feet off the resorts shore line is 8 inches of solid “blue” ice. There have been ice fishers walking from the South day use area to the North end of Bird Sanctuary Island the past two days. … Continue reading

Nov. 14,22

Tunkwa iced over last Tuesday night, ice is 3″ thick solid “blue” ice as the temps when it froze over were -27 for two nights. The hole was drilled a hundred feet off the resorts shoreline. There is 1/2 inch … Continue reading

Oct. 2,22

Beautiful fall weather with sunny days with temps to 21C and cool nights down to 0. Water temps are 57F. Fish are being caught chironomids, Rubies eye leeches, vampire leeches, Blue Fox Vibrex. Boatman hatches have been good on local … Continue reading

Sept. 25 22

Beautiful sunny weather with highs to 24 and lows at 0. Fish have been caught on Kwik fish in black with silver speckles and gold. The worm under a float has caught fish next to weed beds or over dying … Continue reading

Sept.18, 22

Over nights temps down to -2 have dropped water temps to around 56 Deg. A long stretch of sunny seasonal weather is ahead of us and forecasted to the end of the month. Fish have been caught throughout the water … Continue reading

Sept 11, 22

Water temps have continued to drop with surface temps 62-63, some of the weeds have started to sink. Trolling has been the most productive with Hot hots and Kwik Fish in the green frog color, black with silver speckles and … Continue reading

Sept. 4th,22

Fall has arrived in the past 24hrs, daytime highs in the high teens and low 20’s and overnight temps in the single digits most night this upcoming week. Surface water temps yesterday were 66 Deg. Fish are being caught with … Continue reading

Aug. 28, 22

Fishing has been tough overall. Cooler nights dipping down to 6 Deg and some cooler daytime highs the past few days have dropped water temps. The cooler nights should help clear the water as the algae dies off from the … Continue reading

Aug.21, 22

Fishing has slowed the past number of days. fish have been down 8-12 feet and a few a couple feet off bottom moving and not stationary or sulking on the bottom. Damsels and dragon flies are flying around with the … Continue reading

August 17,22

Monday fishing was good with a good hatch of chironomids coming off. Fishing the deeper water of the lake produced fish to 5lbs, it’s stunning as the pennasks take the fly from the depths and shoot straight to the surface … Continue reading