July 6/2015

Weather up here at Tunkwa has been pretty nice, daytime temps not hitting the highs like the cities, and valleys, our elevation sure helps. Night times have been nice and cool, it was 6 degrees this morning! We’ve had no forest fires in the area, so no smokey haze in the area currently, it’s beautiful up here now!!!

Fishing has been really hit or miss, some days good action others days a grind to get them to go. There are huge schools of rainbows sitting in the deeper part of the lake, about a foot of bottom, so fishing in 19′ is a good bet. Fish being pumped by anglers are full of bloodworms, in olive, dark reds, and metallic greens. The sign of bloodworms, means some good chironomid hatches are about to happen.
Some good action was had yesterday afternoon and into the evening, fishing some shallower areas of the lake(8′) where active fish could be seen moving and feeding. Water surface temps ahve been staying comfortable, hitting 70/71 mid day, the cool nights are keeping water temps in check.

Trollers are picking up some fish in the early morning or later evening when the sun isn’t as bright. Getting down to the depth where the fish are is key right now.

JimThorne2015Jim Thorne landed this beauty during the middle of the day, while fishing with his two sons.


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