2015 Fishing Reports


More snow in the area, maybe 6″ in total. Temperatures have been staying about normal, and it has been nice. According to the forecast, it is supposed to get quite sunny here. Ice hasn’t changed much, about 8″ of safe ice, … Continue reading


First day of winter, and Tunkwa looks like a winter wonderland! Beautiful conditions, and some nice fresh snow. Ice fishing has been good. First light and later afternoon see’t the bite really pick up, and action can be fast! About … Continue reading


Reports coming off the ice this past weekend, sounded like the fishing was slow. Perhaps the storms moving through, had the trout off a bit. Sometime while ice fishing Tunkwa, it really pays to move around, and find schools of … Continue reading


Few reports from people ice fishing coming in. Fishing has been good, with the best bite at first light. Trout are still very shallow. There is a good 6″ of ice, but the surface is a bit sloppy from the … Continue reading


Tunkwa froze over early on this week. Grabbed an auger and sent a ‘skinny’ guy out to do some test holes on Friday. We measured good solid ice anywheres from 3″ to 4.5″. Leighton lake still had a couple of … Continue reading


Tunkwa is still wide open, no shore ice has started! Fishing pressure has been light to non-existant, but fish can be seen moving during the afternoons. This will be our last fishing report, until we freeze up, and start our ‘hardwater’ … Continue reading


Fishing on Tunkwa remains pretty good. Then unusually mild weather, with lots of sun, has kept the fall binge going steady, with some days better then others. Fly fishermen are hooking up on boatman, various micro leach and Pumpkinheads. Worms under … Continue reading


Beautiful weather continues with lows at -3 and highs of 10, daytime temps are due to drop to 8 Deg which will start to cool off the lake even more. Surface temps are 47 DegF and raise to 49 in … Continue reading

Oct. 14,15

Beautiful fall weather has arrived in this week, temps are down to -6 at night and 15 in the sunshine. With the high pressure established the weather will continue as it is. Fishers using the good old worm and bobber are … Continue reading


Nigh-time temps have been below freezing all weeks, but most days have been warm and sunny, warmer then average to, lots of sun. Friday saw lots of rain, even some snow in the mountains on the Sat morning. Several guests … Continue reading


Fall has arrived to the Tunkwa area. Morning temps are often dipping to -5! The cold nights and cooler mornings has really started to kills of the weeds and put the fish on the bite. Fishing in the morning has … Continue reading