Aug. 10/15

Well even with all the wind this last weekend the trout fishing is still going strong. It looks like the wind has helped the lake out and mixed the water up. Guests were getting trout anywhere from 12 feet to 17 feet down. Chironomid patterns like the Black Sally (size 10 scud hook ), Maroon Bloodworm and ASB with brown or burgundy rib (12 3X) are still working . Most people were fishing one foot off bottom. The ticket seems to be moving from one spot to another. Hit the active fish and move on. The evening hatches the last few nights are going strong. Smaller dark coloured flies are the ticket.

We are seeing lots of people using slip floats on spinning rods, to present chironomids close to the bottom, instead of a fly rod. This technique works great and is easy for anyone with a spinning setup to do.

Mixed reports from trollers, but seeing action later in the day as things cool off and the trout move up higher in the water column. Slow trolling is key, KwikFish or Bingo Bugs will provide hook ups.

With the warm weather forecasted for the next few days we should see the great fishing on Tunkwa continue!!.

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