Weather has been a bit unsettled the past while, and has made the bite tougher. Water surface temps, are around the 53F mark.

Some anglers are reporting getting on good bites here and there, but nothing too consistent. Evenings are seeing much more fish activity closer to the surface. The occasional chironomid hatch is being found, and fishing can be good when this happens, but the trout are relating more to the weeds, making it a bit more work to get into them. Brown or maroon leaches have been good bets, as has the pumpkinhead flies.  Dragon imitators will produce. There have been a few smaller mayflies hatching, and heard a good report form one anglers fishing Mayflie nymphs. Mornings when we awake to a frost, Backswimmer or Boatmen patterns have producing.

Trolling is a bit slower, as it is hard to stay close to the weed lines. Pumkinheads, Blue Maroons, have been the best flies to troll around. Had a couple of reports from guests hit on HotShots, but generally a slow bite trolling.


Worms under a float, has been the best produces the past few days, putting guests into some better sized trout.

As the cool nights continue, we will see more of the weed growth start to die off, making the trout much more accessible, some of the best fishing of the year is coming up!.

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