April 17/17

Well the ice is still not off on Tunkwa!!! This past week saw most nights dip below freezing( Sun night was -7??) which sure doesn’t help. My guess of Tunkwa icing off on the 20th, might be a bit optimistic………… … Continue reading

April 10/17

Tunkwa area saw some nice warm days this past week, and a couple good windy days. Even some heavy rain the one day. Most nights are staying above freezing. All of this, really helps the ice off progression. The open … Continue reading

April 4/17

Not really much new to report here. We’ve had some nice sunny days up here, with the occasional day hitting the double digits, but most nights are dropping below freezing. Some snow came down on Sunday! The last couple nights … Continue reading

March 27/17

Pretty quiet up here, as we await ice off. Daytimes have been above freezing, with some decent winds, and nights are just dipping below freezing. We are seeing lots of snow melt, running into the lake. Our feeder creeks are … Continue reading

March 14/17

Wow, weather is just beautiful up here now!!! Plus 12, bright warm sun, and a good breeze. Lots of rain last night to…….. All good signs to help the start of spring up here. It’s that time of the year when … Continue reading

Feb. 26/17

Ice fishing was slow for the most part on Tunkwa this past weekend. The unsettled weather seemed to have the trout turned off a bit. Watching them on the Humminbird graph, you could see the trout coming in to look … Continue reading


Turned out to be an incredible weekend up here at Tunkwa, once guests got through the traffic hold ups coming up the Coq hi-way. It ended up being beautiful up here, sunny and temps above freezing during the day. Mixed … Continue reading


Fishing was good for a number of our guests this weekend. Shrimp and worms both worked well under a flasher. 10 feet of water seems to be the best depth to fish although a guest just came back from fishing … Continue reading


Seasonal temperatures have returned after a lengthy cold spell, overnight temperatures are around -5 and daytime highs just above freezing. Ice is approximately 16-18 inches thick with ice snow covered with little shush on top of the ice. Fish are … Continue reading


We’re finally getting a break from the long running cold snap, with temps rising to around the 0 mark. A nice change! Ice Fishing has been spotty. Some guests doing very well while others not so well. You have to … Continue reading

Jan 05/17

Ice thickness is 12-14 inches thick with close to a foot of snow on the ice. Fishing was fairly good over the Christmas Holidays, around New Years and New Years day fishing was slower probably due to the low pressure … Continue reading