April 10/17

Tunkwa area saw some nice warm days this past week, and a couple good windy days. Even some heavy rain the one day. Most nights are staying above freezing. All of this, really helps the ice off progression. The open water along the shoreline has really grown, and the ice long the openings is getting rotten. Lots of open water where the inlets are feeding in. As the open edges increases, the wind will start to push the ice around, piling it into the shorelines, and things will a happen fast. the ice will not be off this by this upcoming Easter Weekend.

Ice fishing is done here now, as it is too dangerous to access the main lake ice. Won’t be long before we can start to fish some of the back bays, as they ice off first.

Some good fishing reports coming from nearby Morgan and Six mile Lakes(20 min’s away and 2000′ lower elevation) that iced off a couple weeks ago. Please remember these areas are closed to camping, over night use, to protect the grasslands.


****Please note, our campground will not be open for the next week or so, as we have contractors in doing drainage and grading work in the campground. Also the Tunkwa Provincial Park has there gates locked, as is the Logan Lake Municipal campground, so no camping available. If you show up with a camper/trailer there will be nowhere’s locally to camp..

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