June 14, 17

Trollers have been doing well using Pumkinheads, leech patterns, flatfish and kwikfish. Just using spinning rods with a bit of weight or fly rods with sinking line fishing 8 to 9 feet down. Damsels and Mayflies have been coming off with … Continue reading

June 5/17

Fishing was a bit tougher this past period. We had 4 days of heavy relentless winds out of the south. Setting up and fishing in it was a challenge. Fishing was good prior to this and picked up again on … Continue reading

May 29/17

We saw some beautiful summer weather after the cold front ripped through earlier in the week. For the most part, fishing was very good. Chironomid hatches were coming off steady and the trout were on them. This weekend, we saw … Continue reading

May 23/17

What an incredible Long weekend up here at Tunkwa! The weather was beyond belief, just perfect and the trout were on the feed. Lots of fish being caught and lots of happy guests! Fish were caught by every method possible! … Continue reading

Fly Patterns

We’ve had a few inquiries about a couple of the chironomid patterns we sell in our store. The Whisky Dick, and Blue Dream are tied by local fishing ‘ace’ Dick Bartlett for us, and have been the HOT fly as … Continue reading

May 15, 2017

Another week of unsettled weather, but fishing remained pretty constant. Nights are dipping below freezing still, and daytime temps all over the place. Lake level has crested and is on its way down. Interestingly, Tunkwa did not get as high as … Continue reading

May 8/17

Fishing has been up and down since the last report. When the weather has been good, there’s been some fantastic fishing, when the weather has been off, the fishing is tough! We saw all kinds of weather the past week, from … Continue reading

May 3,17

Chironimid fishing was good last thurs/fri then things slowed down over the weekend with the snow and wind(everyone still caught fish but it was tougher).Yesterday weather improved with sunshine and milder temperatures. Chironomid fishing picked up, fish were moving in schools … Continue reading

April 25/17

Joedy and Nick fished Tunkwa today, fishing shallow(4′) they got into lots of action….more trout then they could keep track of…….,,Joedy guessed about 150 trout, Nick said more like a 100 or so…..doesn’t matter, that’s lots in anyone’s books! Lots … Continue reading

April 23/17 ICE OFF!!

The last of the ice is piling up on the north shore of Tunkwa as I type! Tunkwa will be iced off today. Lots of fish rolling around out there, with surface water temps are varying from 42 to 46F. The shallower you … Continue reading

April 21/17

Well it’s getting close!! Lots of open water now. If we had some wind today, the lake would’ve iced off! Chironomids are hatching steady, and fish can be seen rolling. Surface water temps range from 43-46F. Next post should be … Continue reading

April 19/17

The warm daytime temps with big winds have made a big difference on Tunkwa, lots more open areas, and the ice is starting to move around, piling up on the north shorelines. The bay in front of our campground is … Continue reading