April 17/17

Well the ice is still not off on Tunkwa!!! This past week saw most nights dip below freezing( Sun night was -7??) which sure doesn’t help. My guess of Tunkwa icing off on the 20th, might be a bit optimistic………… The open areas along the shorelines have really increased in size( fish are being caught fishing these edges, even small chironomids are hatching there!) and a couple big cracks have really opened up to, all good signs that its coming off soon. Some wind and warm weather will see it go quickly now. Leighton Lake still looks pretty solid, but it is typically a ways behind Tunkwa, when icing off.

Guests fishing a couple area lakes that are iced off, reported some good catches, with tiny chironomids hatching there.

We will keep the reports updated, as we see some major changes in Tunkwa opening up..

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