March 14/17

Wow, weather is just beautiful up here now!!! Plus 12, bright warm sun, and a good breeze. Lots of rain last night to…….. All good signs to help the start of spring up here.

It’s that time of the year when we get bombarded with questions, asking when and if the ice will be off by May(old opening day of trout season). The hard winter the coast/LML saw this winter, seems to have people thinking, it’s going to be winter up here forever, not the case. We had a pretty typical winter, maybe a bit more snow sticking around, but snowpack in the hills, and ice thickness seem to be about normal for us.

Tunkwa typically will ice-off mid April, the record late ice-off was May 5, and a record early ice-off was a March 25. We’ve been spoiled the previous two winters, with mild temps, and early springs. Once the weather turns and stays warmer, the lake ice starts to deteriorate, it really doesn’t take too long to go rotten, collapse on itself and come off. Warm wind, sun and run off coming into the lake, all speed things along.

It’s still to early for us to even hazed a guess at timing of the ice off, so we won’t even guess until we see conditions start.

Right now there is still plenty of safe ice on the lake, with water pooling on the top from the melt. Ice fishing can still be good, if you move around until you find active trout. It’s a nice quiet time up at the lake, with very few people around, so peaceful!

Watch on our live webcam(click on the link on our web site) to see the conditions change, and watch in the fishing reports as we will start positing as Tunkwa starts to ice off..

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