July 11/16

Fishing was a bit slower this past week, some days better then another. Some stormy cool weather in the area, has made it a challenge at times.Water temps are staying cool, and lake levels still up. Chirinomid hatches are very … Continue reading

June 27/16

Summers here! Finally….. Warm, sunny and the trout are biting to! Lots of happy guests hooking up, many into good numbers of trout and some pretty decent sized ones as well. Chironomids are starting to stage or hatch, anglers keyed … Continue reading

June 20/16

First day of summer and it sure feels like it at Tunkwa. Sunny, warm and calm, with trout jumping all over the lake! Weather the past week was a bit up and down, but fishing remained pretty constant. Chironomids have … Continue reading

June 13/16

Lots of unstable weather through the province this past week, going from 30 degrees to as low as 0 up here! Bug hatches have been sporadic, and fishing a bit spotty due to the instability of the weather. Reports from … Continue reading

June 08,16

Fish has been good for some and slower for the chironomid fly fishers. Casting or trolling leeches, Damsel patterns, Mayfly patterns, Dragon fly patterns and just coming off are the Cinnamon caddis. Slow trolling or wind drifting kwik fish and … Continue reading

May 30/16

Wow, another wet and cold weekend for our guests. Everyone got to see lots of fresh snow in the hills nearly every morning. Despite the poor weather, guests able to brave the elements got into fish! Bug hatches were sporatic, … Continue reading

Last Week!

Some great pictures sent in from a group of our regular guests, who had some pretty good success this past week. Stripping leaches produced best for them, when the chironomids weren’t hatching. Good Job Arnold, Armand, Ian and Jack!The time … Continue reading

May 24/16

What a wet cool Long Weekend!!! It started raining( even some wet snow!) up here Thursday and didn’t stop till Monday morning, just when all of our Long Weekends guests had to return home. The weather kept many off the … Continue reading

May 16/16

The early part of the week was dominated with some windy and unstable conditions, but some beautiful, warm sunny weather for the last part of it. Mornings are still cool, as we’re often waking up to temps right around freezing. … Continue reading