Dec. 16. 2016

This past week saw sunny, stable conditions but cold!! -26 but it’s a dry cold😄 I braved the cold and fished with Nick today, the portable hut made it very comfortable. There’s 8 to 9″ of clear hard ice in … Continue reading

Dec. 7,16

Winter has arrived with lows down to -27 last night and a high of -16 in the shade, in the sunshine it feels nice until just before sundown. Holes drilled through the ice in front of the resort are 4 … Continue reading

Nov. 18,16

Tunkwa Lake iced over last night, it will be a few weeks depending on weather conditions before the ice is safe to walk on. We do not offer the ice fishing specials any longer but do discount rentals for our … Continue reading


Tunkwa is still wide open,no skim or shore ice as of yet, and water levels continue to rise steadily from all the rains we have been receiving, and melting snow in the hills is adding to it. Fishing pressure has … Continue reading


Fishing has been fair to good in shallow water (less than 5 feet) using half backs, pheasant tail nymphs and mirco leeches to medium size leeches (1/2in. to 1 1/2 in.) in maroon and brown in color under an indicator … Continue reading

Oct. 16, 16

Fishers using worm under a float in 6 feet and less of water are catching fish. Also the fly guys are catching fish on micro leeches, pheasant tail nymphs and halfbacks. Unstable weather is turning the fish on and off … Continue reading


Tunkwa was basked in beautiful weather this past week. Clear, calm sunny days, with clear cool/cold nights, temps dipping to -7! This cooling temps triggers the trout into there fall feeding binges. The trout will move shallow as the sun … Continue reading


Weather has been all over the place this past week, with some nice sunny days, but a bunch more rain coming down to. We saw some night-time temps dip to below freezing a couple of times as well. We saw … Continue reading