June 08,16

Fish has been good for some and slower for the chironomid fly fishers. Casting or trolling leeches, Damsel patterns, Mayfly patterns, Dragon fly patterns and just coming off are the Cinnamon caddis.

Slow trolling or wind drifting kwik fish and hot shots are doing very well and also doing well is the good ole worm under a float, these last 2 methods have been getting the larger fish (3-4 lbs.) the past few days.

Chironomid hatches have been very light with the odd shuck in #14 rusty brown and olive green floating by and seeing fat #12 black with silver rib a few days ago coming off in the afternoon, the Chaoborus hatches have lightened up a bit so the smaller #18 and #16 that have been working seemed to slow down due to the smorgasbord of other insects available. Definitely challenging fishing the Chaoborus hatch!!

Yesterday blood worm patterns worked well, using #10 2x, I tricked a number of fish, a good sign that the larger Chironomids are expected soon.

The bear got skunked.  June 6, 2016 Tunkwa Lake
3 Generation of Braybrooks, enjoyed there annual Tunkwa trip.
Scott B. and his buddy got into some good quality Tunkwa rainbows, fishing PumpkinHead flies in the shallows.

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