July 4/16

Busy weekend up here at Tunkwa with lots of boats out on the lake.
Reports from all, were good, seems everyone was into some trout. At times, or on somedays, the fishing is fantatic, other times a tougher grind.
Chironomid hatches are still sporatic, and mostly still small bugs. Throat smaples from from trout are showing a mix of sizes and colours. Scuds, snail, damsels and caddis are showing up as well.Anglers are hooiking up on various size and patterns, no one real ‘hot’ fly the past few days.
Slower days, folks are having to move a fair bit, set up, catch a couple, move when it slows, then a couple more at each spot.
Fishing attarctor patterns or damsel, mayfly patterns has been consistent producers. Stripping, trolling or wind drifitng these flies are working.
We saw a lot of fish taken on Kwikfish and HotShots, Chartreuse/orange dot being a good producer. Bingo Bugs in smaller sizes accounted for some good catches also.
Fresh worms under a float continues to produce.
Lots of comments coming from guests about better sized fish being caught, with lots in the 3 lb range. Of course, lots of stories about the big ones getting away!
Cammille landed this beauty this past weekend..

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