We had the biologist from Fisheries out here this past week, to do there annual check on the lakes oxygen levels. They drill through the ice in a few spots, and measure the O2 levels at various depths in the … Continue reading


Reports coming in from guests, out ice fishing Tunkwa, are about the same. Some days the trout are on, and others there just off! Daytimes have been nice and sunny, often warming up to plus 4 or 5, and night … Continue reading


Ice conditions are good with ice at 15 inches thick. Snow on the ice melted from a few days of above freezing conditions, ice on the lake is smooth without the snow so traction footwear or ice grippers over footwear … Continue reading


A busy weekend up here at Tunkwa with all the guest having a good time. Fridays warm weather and strong winds really melted a lot of our snow, and left the lake ice top bare, and slippery. Nightime temps really … Continue reading


Tunkwa had some very mild weather last week, with daytime temps hitting plus 7! Nightime temps stayed below freezing, freezing everything that melted. The lake lost it’s layer of surface snow and slush, turning lake into one giant skating rink! … Continue reading


Ice fishing on Tunkwa has been a bit spotty the past week. Lots of trout down there coming in to look, but very tough to get them to bite, and when they do hit, it’s often very light. Still, trout … Continue reading


Snowy weekend up at Tunkwa, but no wind and temps stayed quite mild. Mixed fishing reports came in from our guests, Saturday morning was absolutely dead, with only a few trout being landed, but it picked up in the afternoon, … Continue reading

Jan. 10,16

Fishing picked up this morning for a few of our guests fishing in 14 feet of water just off the resort. Single egg with a small piece of worm  worked very good for one fellow. One fish he had on the … Continue reading


Busy up here over the holidays, with lots of people out trying there hand at ice fishing. Some really cold temps at night, but the daytimes were spectacular, warmed right up, with clear blue skies, lots of sun and no … Continue reading