May 24/16

What a wet cool Long Weekend!!! It started raining( even some wet snow!) up here Thursday and didn’t stop till Monday morning, just when all of our Long Weekends guests had to return home. The weather kept many off the water, or just out for short times.
Weather has really improved now, it’s sunny, warm and calm out there now.
Water temps cooled off, with readings into the mid 50’s. Bug hatches were very light, but afternoons saw some good mayflies starting to pop up. Anglers that dialled into this hatch were rewarded with some nice trout.
Some of our regulars on the lake, did pretty good, switching from chironomid patterns, to Bloodworm patterns under there indicators.
Trolling seemed to be the best approach for most this weekend, and most productive for most of our guests. Trolling leach patterns( PatrolCars, PumpkinHeads, Chan’s Ruby Eyed leach) being good fly choices. Wedding bands tipped with worms, Gang trolles followed by a HotShot, all produced trout.
Shore fishing with a worm under a float also produced trout for guests.
Brian with a nice one, this big gal looks like a steelhead!
Tom with a couple nice ones harvested from the weekend, many other beauties caught and released.
Another nice Pennaske rainbow comes to the net..

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