April 15/16

Staff got out to sample the spring fishing yesterday, some strong north winds to contend with, but it sure seems to be lots of nice sized trout around this spring. Chironomids are starting to hatch and the trout are starting … Continue reading

April 11/16

The open water season has got off to a good start on Tunkwa. Quiet a few anglers out taking advantage of the sunny warm weather this past weekend. Air Temps hit +22, but it didn’t feel that warm on the … Continue reading

Ice Off!!!

Tunkwa did ice off yesterday afternoon(April 4), another really early start to the open water season!

April 4, 2016

Pretty cool and impressive how fast the the ice on Tunkwa can disappear. In the past couple of hours we have seen it go from about 60% covered, to now, maybe only 30%! If this keeps up we might see it … Continue reading

Apr. 3,16

Ice has been rapidly melting and there is some open water in front of the resort that can be seen on our web cam. Overnight the main slab of ice moved North and started to pile up on the  North … Continue reading

Mar. 30,16

We have 20 feet of open water around the edges of Tunkwa Lake, warm weather with the wind is eating at the ice rapidly  for the next 3 days and expect complete ice off within 10 days. #18 chironomids are … Continue reading

March 6, 2016

Ice fishing pressure was very light on Tunkwa this past week, usual spots are still producing trout. Temps have been very warm in the day, but nights are still dipping below freezing, keeping the ice solid.The ice thickness is about … Continue reading


We had the biologist from Fisheries out here this past week, to do there annual check on the lakes oxygen levels. They drill through the ice in a few spots, and measure the O2 levels at various depths in the … Continue reading


Reports coming in from guests, out ice fishing Tunkwa, are about the same. Some days the trout are on, and others there just off! Daytimes have been nice and sunny, often warming up to plus 4 or 5, and night … Continue reading