Tunkwa was basked in beautiful weather this past week. Clear, calm sunny days, with clear cool/cold nights, temps dipping to -7! This cooling temps triggers the trout into there fall feeding binges. The trout will move shallow as the sun warms the shallows, looking for food in the green weed beds, or marl bottoms. You can often spot the fish, or watch packs of them following you presentations back in, sometimes really speeding up your retrieve is key!. Fishing in 5’of water or less, near green weeds is the most consistent pattern right now, and no rush to get on the water in the early morning, as the action doesn’t really pick up until things warm up a bit. Utilizing longer lighter leaders(12-14′) in the super clear water is key. Fly fishermen have been having success on Half or fullback nymphs, scud patterns, or various micro leaches, all these patterns are getting anglersinto fish.

Casting Blue Fox spinners, or smaller Gibbs spoons into the weed openings, and allowing them to flutter down, will entice savage strikes.

Worms fished under a float, will get them to, just don’t fish them very deep!

Kel, fishing on his birthday, with a nice bright rainbow that fell for a maroon leach fished shallow..

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