Turned out to be an incredible weekend up here at Tunkwa, once guests got through the traffic hold ups coming up the Coq hi-way. It ended up being beautiful up here, sunny and temps above freezing during the day. Mixed … Continue reading


Fishing was good for a number of our guests this weekend. Shrimp and worms both worked well under a flasher. 10 feet of water seems to be the best depth to fish although a guest just came back from fishing … Continue reading


Seasonal temperatures have returned after a lengthy cold spell, overnight temperatures are around -5 and daytime highs just above freezing. Ice is approximately 16-18 inches thick with ice snow covered with little shush on top of the ice. Fish are … Continue reading


We’re finally getting a break from the long running cold snap, with temps rising to around the 0 mark. A nice change! Ice Fishing has been spotty. Some guests doing very well while others not so well. You have to … Continue reading

Jan 05/17

Ice thickness is 12-14 inches thick with close to a foot of snow on the ice. Fishing was fairly good over the Christmas Holidays, around New Years and New Years day fishing was slower probably due to the low pressure … Continue reading

Dec. 16. 2016

This past week saw sunny, stable conditions but cold!! -26 but it’s a dry cold😄 I braved the cold and fished with Nick today, the portable hut made it very comfortable. There’s 8 to 9″ of clear hard ice in … Continue reading

Dec. 7,16

Winter has arrived with lows down to -27 last night and a high of -16 in the shade, in the sunshine it feels nice until just before sundown. Holes drilled through the ice in front of the resort are 4 … Continue reading


Some snow now in the area. The mule deer rut has slowed down, but the Whitetails are going strong, from sitings of bucks mid-day. Since our last report we have had harvested: 2 – 4X4 Mule Bucks 1 – WhiteTail … Continue reading