Weather has been all over the place this past week, with some nice sunny days, but a bunch more rain coming down to. We saw some night-time temps dip to below freezing a couple of times as well. We saw snow in the clear cuts up in the mountains across from the lake, first snow up there this fall!

Mixed fishing reports from guests. When the weather is good fishing is good to fantastic, depending on who you talk to.
The trout are shallow, feeding heavily on the scuds and other aquatic invertebrates hiding in the green weeds. Fishing opening, or along the inner or outer edges of the weed beds/lines is where the action is.

Fishing in line spinners(Blue fox) or smaller lighter spoons( Gibbs) in these same areas will produce some great catches as well.

Fly fishers using attractor patterns(Vampire leaches, Doc Spratleys etc) leach patterns, Dragon nymphs, or Half Backs fished shallow, have been having success. No love on the chironomids at this time of the year! Bloodworms should be producing, but haven’t heard of anyone fishing them as of late.

Trollers have been having some success, but it is hard to troll effectively in the shallows, where the bulk of the feeding fish are, that said, there are still lots of trout scattered all over the lake, that will react to something bright/shiny going by them, and just hit out of aggression.

Worms continue to produce trout, lots of them. Fsihed shallow under a float close to the weed beds, where the trout are showing themselves, produces lots of action. Shore fishing off our campground area, has been pretty consistent.

Fall fishing on Tunkwa can be fantastic when the weather is nice and stable, with some sun warming the shallows..

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