Sept. 5/16

Fishing was good to excellent over the weekend. Guests trolling quick fish, hot shots, gang trolls with either wedding band or worms caught fish.
Chironomid hatches are still ongoing with size 12 in various colors coming off. Fish are feeding throughout the water column (surface to bottom). Larger fish to 23 1/2 inches have been caught the past week. Fish are being found in 16 to 17 feet of water much more consistently yesterday and they took larger Chironomids static or moving, these are the larger fish (3+)lbs. Some good catches coming right at dusk, stripping leaches or attractor patterns just below the surface film, guests are reporting some big fish being hooked doing this!
Water temps are cooling down but chironomids are still coming off so the fish are all over the lake searching and feeding on them. I expect the hatches to continue and the 14 day outlook looks great as were going to warm back up to summer conditions after next weekend after fall conditions the past few days.
Chironie bight is on!.

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