May 30,21

Fishing’s been spotty earlier last week, weekend fishing picked up with fish being caught on wedding bands with a small piece of worm and gang toll with wedding band. Kwik fish and hot shots produced fish. Fly fishers were fishing … Continue reading

May 23,21

Unstable weather earlier in the week with Southerly winds made for tougher fishing, later in the week winds switched to NW tapering off to a light breeze over the weekend with sunny skies and stable weather pattern. Fishing has been … Continue reading

May 16.21

Stable weather made for good fishing this past week. There has been thick hatches of very small chironomids all week. Fish have been taking leeches and the past day small caddis as a few were seen and matching flies picked … Continue reading

May 9,21

Unstable weather patterns the past week still produced fish. Smaller chironomids mainly #16’s with popular patterns working were Whiskey Dicks’ Blu Gnu and the Grey Monk, Black Sally’s and Elvis. Pumpkin heads, olive green Carey’s and Vampire leeches stripped in … Continue reading

May 4, 2021

Pretty quiet weekend up here at the resort, with just a few guests in from the same Health Region. We have lots of availability until the restrictions are lifted May 25, when its normally very busy. Tunkwa lake is in … Continue reading

Apr. 28,21

Tunkwa Lake is ice free, water temps were already up to 48 last Monday but have dropped back down to 42 with the cooler weather pattern yesterday. Fish were caught on spinners, small chironomids and attractor patterns during the week. … Continue reading

Dec. 01/20

The lake ice on Tunkwa, at least around the resort, appears to be safe, we found 4-6″ wherever we drilled today. We did not venture out on the main lake or over the areas with springs/upwellings, so we still recommend … Continue reading


After a few days of -4 to -10 temps along with windy conditions cooling down the lake overnight calm conditions froze the surface of the entire lake. . … Continue reading