Fly Patterns

We’ve had a few inquiries about a couple of the chironomid patterns we sell in our store. The Whisky Dick, and Blue Dream are tied by local fishing ‘ace’ Dick Bartlett for us, and have been the HOT fly as of late on Tunkwa and nearby lakes. They both feature a ‘dull’ grey, non-metallic body material. The Whisky Dick has been a ‘go to’ fly up here every spring, out fishing any of the ‘shiny’ bodied patterns, in the smaller ties. The Blue Dream is a variation of the Whisky Dick, just with a more blue tone. Blue patterned flies have been exceptional producers on Tunkwa, as we see more patterns incorporate this colour into them.

Here is the best Pict I could get of them, to try and show them. I hope this helps!


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