June 5/17

Fishing was a bit tougher this past period. We had 4 days of heavy relentless winds out of the south. Setting up and fishing in it was a challenge. Fishing was good prior to this and picked up again on Sunday when the weather stabilized.

Surface water temps are 61F and clarity is good, with the occasional bit of algae rising to the top.

Guest trolling have had some good action, HotShots seem to be the best presentation, bright reflective colours have been best.

Chironomid hatches are sporadic, and mostly size 14’s. Bloodworm patterns and CopperTops have been consistent producers, fished just a couple of inches off the bottom.

Mayflies are starting to hatch in the afternoons, and trout are getting dialed into them. Halfbacks or any of the various Mayfly nymphs fished just under the surface will produce.

Damsels continue to hatch, keying in on this migration can be key. Seems bigger trout are coming out of the shallows, right against the banks. The PumpkinHead fly is a great Damsel imitator, even trolled or wind drifted, it will catch trout on Tunkwa!

Kel with a beauty trout from last week!.

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