May 15, 2017

Another week of unsettled weather, but fishing remained pretty constant. Nights are dipping below freezing still, and daytime temps all over the place.

Lake level has crested and is on its way down. Interestingly, Tunkwa did not get as high as it normally does most springs. Our water clarity remained excellent. Water temps are varying from Low 50’s to mid 50’s depending on how much sun we get.

Lots of happy guests at the resort this past week, some reporting some incredible action, but everyone is hooking up. Fish are still relatively shallow, and feeding heavily on the chironomid hatches. Some really nice fish starting to show up in the cathces as well.

Smaller flies have been the ticket. Size 16 -2xl, in various patterns are working, but the Whisky Dick, Blue Dream and Zucchini patterns have been killer. That said, any colour pattern in that size, in the right spot will get you hooked up. Some fish are been taken on size 14’s but not like the 16’s. There are bigger size chironomids hatching, but the trout have not been really keying in on them. Chironomid fishing has been slow in the mornings, due to the cold night temps, fish can be caught on leach patterns, scuds or various attarctors patterns, until the hatch starts up.

Guests trolling have been hooking up, but not to the extent that the chironomid fishermen. Black/Silver Kwikfish seemed to be a good producer for guests, as did wedding bands tipped with worms. Shore fishing is still producing, but the wind and waves can limit suitable spots at times.


We are still getting bombarded with booking requests for the upcoming long weekend, but unfortunately we don’t have any availability in our cabins or camping, things booked up very early this year, sorry. We do have some availability mid-week.

Ross got this nice one, as well as countless others, during his stay last week. Tiny chironomids were the ticket for there group..

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