Sept. 15.19

Fall fishing has started to turn on the past week, surface water temps are now just under 60 Deg. and will be slowly dropping. Fish will be feeding to fatten up for the winter. Kwickfish trolled had some great action on bigger fish with stories of fish hitting violently and heading in the opposite direction only to be busted off and not even seen. Fish also were caught on Blue Fox spinners, so they are getting active. Fish also were caught on a worm and bobber. A few chironomid husks were seen floating by while casting and stripping flies, picked up fish to 4 lbs, busted off a few, knot failed on a few and one took me into the backing, never did see it but did get my fly back.

Sept. 08,19

Fish were caught on various methods the past week. Worm under a float caught fish. Blue Fox Spinners, Frog Kwickfish, wedding bands dabbed with a small piece of worm, Vampire leeches, Mini Marts, K-marts, Ruby Eye leeches, Black leeches, Pumkinheads … Continue reading

Sept. 2, 19

Fishing was tough for most anglers, some who used worms under a float caught some nice size fish, dragon fly nymph did very well Saturday on sinking lines near the weeds with one fish to 26 inches and others 22-23 … Continue reading

Aug. 25,19

Warm days, and cool nights, ‘fall’ is in the air!! This past week has seen some good action while chironomid fishing. Hatches of size 12’s in mainly green or brown colours. Today early morning anglers had good results until a … Continue reading


Fishing has been spotty with worms under a float working in shallower water close to the weed beds, Fishers trolling wedding bands and spinners or hot shots was slow but not many out there fishing these methods. Earlier in the … Continue reading

August 11,19

The past week saw some really good chironomid fishing, until the low pressure system from the south moved in over the weekend(right in time for the FlyBC’ers who were arriving for there annual ‘Tunkwa Bomber Run’ get-together). This change in … Continue reading

Aug. 06/19

I was out Sunday evening until almost dark and fish were feeding heavily on bomber emergers, brown in color in the surface film , picked off a few fish on chironomid emerger patterns casting to riseforms on the dry, total … Continue reading

July 30/2019

Chironomid fishing has been very good to excellent for most anglers, The ‘bombers'(giant chironomids) started to come off later last Tuesday afternoon. The trout have set up, and are feeding over the ‘deeper’ parts of Tunkwa Lake, 17-19′. Fishing size … Continue reading

July 22, 2019

Summer has finally arrived after a very wet and cooler pattern since mid June. Trollers have been catching fish in spinners and gang trolls with wedding band with a small piece of worm trailing. Hot shots and Kwick fish in … Continue reading

July 15, 2019

Finally some nicer weather in the Tunkwa area this past week. Fishing for the most part has been slower. Best action is still occurring in the evenings until dark. Chironomids are still being fished high in the water column(3-6.5′) and … Continue reading

July 7,19

Weather patterns the past week have been very unstable with copious amounts of rain, raising lake levels a few inches in what should be sunny and warm weather at this time of year. Trollers have been catching fish on various … Continue reading