Nov.1, 2019

We have been getting some inquiries on Tunkwa lake conditions.
We have had a few nights where temps have dropped to double negatives, causing ice to form. Most of the back bays, and shorelines are frozen with almost a couple inches of ice(not safe!!!). Over 50% of the lake is still ice free, just getting access to the open water will be a challenge. We had a guest able to get his boat out of the day-use area yesterday, but that option won’t last much longer. All of our rentals, including our rescue boat are out of the water and put away for the season. There should be some good fishing opp’s at nearby Morgan or 6 Mile lakes, which are 2000′ lower in elevation, and stay open much later into the fall.

Next report we will post will be when we have safe ice, and the start of the HardWater season!!.

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