Sept. 2, 19

Fishing was tough for most anglers, some who used worms under a float caught some nice size fish, dragon fly nymph did very well Saturday on sinking lines near the weeds with one fish to 26 inches and others 22-23 inches, throat samples had small scuds and the odd chironomid, one sample Saturday had bomber size burgundy/silver pupae, fish was pumped in 15 feet of water, Yesterday caddis nymphs worked very well for myself casting type 3 camo line, hits were hard and fish immediately jumped into the air numerous times!! Cool nights down to 4 Deg is keeping the water temps low with day time highs to 25 Deg, the cool nights are keeping surface temps to 67 at days end. Mornings start off at 62 and goes up 6-7 deg at days end, one night(last Friday) night temps were 10 Deg and morning temps at surface was 65 in the morning which warmed quicker, same day those large bomber pupae were sampled. If we get some warm nights(11-13 forecast for Logan Lake) we may see the large chironomids come off. Fish are in the shallower areas of the lake, not marking much on the sounder in deeper water, until and if the water temps rise it may be time to get into early fall fishing. Yesterday fish were getting very active and at the same time noticed good size caddis squirming the surface. Didn’t see any fish take the dry but fish were feeding just under the surface. Today around camp here there was a light olive bodied traveler, Tunkwa’s not known for them but every year there seems to be more available, great sign..

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