Sept. 08,19

Fish were caught on various methods the past week. Worm under a float caught fish. Blue Fox Spinners, Frog Kwickfish, wedding bands dabbed with a small piece of worm, Vampire leeches, Mini Marts, K-marts, Ruby Eye leeches, Black leeches, Pumkinheads and BMW’s. Yup! Fall is here and the fish want to fatten up for the winter. Trolling worked but anchoring your boat and casting and stripping the proper method depending on what aquatic bug your trying to mimic did very well if one found active fish or fishing the weed beds drop offs, weed bed edges and along Tunkwa’s shoreline weed beds. Changing up your retrieve triggered fish also to hit your offering. Some caught fish on chironomids but it’s time soon to put the bobber away(sniff) as fall fishing is upon us and fish move to shallower water where they find their available food sources more abundant. For us bobber folks one can still use them on balanced leeches, scuds, micro leeches, leeches and attractor leech patterns and work the rods, best is casting and stripping though.

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