Sept. 16/19

Fall fishing has started to turn on the past week! Surface water temps
are now just under 60 Deg. and will be slowly dropping. Fish will be
feeding hard to fatten up for the winter.
This weekend saw some windy unstable weather, but those who could
handle it, got into rainbow trout.

Kwikfish or Bingo Bugs trolled shallowed had some great action on
bigger fish for our guests, with tales of fish hitting violently and
heading in the opposite direction only to be busted off and not even
Fish also were caught on Blue Fox spinners fished in and around the
sparse weeds, again in fairly shallow water. Guests fishing worms
under a float, produced as well.

Stripping attractor flies( K-Marts, Mini-Marts, Patrol Cars, and
Blobs) along the weed lines in approx. 9′, produced nice trout for me,
with fish landed up to 4 lbs, even busted off a few, knot failure on a
couple, one even took me into the backing, never did see it but did
get my fly back.

Monday we awoke to temps right at 0, fall is here! We have a couple of
cabins still available for this upcoming weekend, a great time to come
up and try the fall still-water fishing!


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