Lots of unstable weather in the area, making fishing a bit challenging for most.Fall is definitely here! Water surface temps are down 6 to 7 degrees C from last week!
Rainbows are being caught though. Trout to just over 4lbs have been reported.
Blue Fox or other small spinners, fished along the weed edges or opening, is a great option for those not fly fishing. Worms under a float just off the bottom continue to do well during the week and into the weekend for guests. Small scuds have been seen in throat samples along with leeches. Hatches are still being seen sporadically and fish have been caught on them up if you hit a hatch. There have been evening hatches with fish taking them on the surface where you find sipping or proposing trout. Trollers are having a bit more difficult time, but fishing smaller plugs( HotShots/Kwikfish) or Bingo Bugs, up fairly high, will get you into fish, just tough trolling near shallows due to the weeds.
Fishing flashy attractor patterns, quickly near the weeds or on the big weed flats, have been producing for guests fishing this way. Dandling a scud pattern under an indicator is always a good bet at this time of the year as well.


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