Oct. 1/19

Last week Tunkwa saw some very unstable and unseasonable weather. Lots of strong winds and cool temps, even snow a few of the days. We again hosted the Lauch Style Fly Fishing Championships the past week. Top fly anglers from across North America and the UK were based here competing on 4 different lakes. Despite the challenging conditions, these guys caught trout, a real testament to there skills under these conditions. The event is a fund raiser for the Children’s Hospitals,and they always raise a significant amount for the charity.

The trout were moody, but had flurries of feeding activity. Scuds, leaches or various attractor patterns, were the best presentation for fly anglers. Not many report from anyone trolling to pass along. Worms fished under floats provided action for some of our guests.

This week started off much nicer, low to no winds and decent day time temps. Much more conducive to enjoyable fishing..

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