July 24/17

Another good week up at Tunkwa! Lots of happy guests.

Weather remained nice, cooling off a bit, even some rain here and there. South winds have kept the skies clear . We continue to be very fortunate with no issues from the wildfires or smoke up here!

Fishing was very good most day this week, Chironomid hatches were pretty steady, to very heavy at times. some good fishing has occurred first thing and at last light. Mix of sizes coming off, but lots of bigger ‘bombers” in the mix.

Last reports, fishing over 17′ of water 1′ off the bottom, was the ticket. Big chiromomid patterns are key, colour seems to be secondary. Greens, Blacks, CopperTops or any of the various ASB patterns have all been producing. Some reports of good action just before dusk, fishing only 3’ below the surface.

A storm system blew through Sun afternoon, strong winds, fast dropping temps, plus rain, slowed the hatch and made the bite slower, until evening. Talking with a few guests this morning, and they are working a bit harder this morning for them, but still hooking up. the morning temp right at 0 slowed the hatches.

Trollers are getting some fish, but not like the chironomid anglers are. Anchoring your boat, and setting up a spinning rod, with a slip float, and a chironomid, will get you into the same kind of actyion. Stop in the resort store, and we can get you set up.

The long term forecasted weather is looking fantastic, and we should only see the hatches get heavier!

Connie and Terry got into some nice trout, during there stay here at Tunkwa!

Al Patton
Tunkwa Lake Resort

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