Fall has definitely arrived to the Tunkwa area. We’ve awoke to a couple morning with temps in the -6C range!
This past week we saw lots of wind, stirring the lake up pretty good, and making fishing a bit tougher.
The weekend saw much calmer conditions, and fishing picked up.
Trout are feeding along the shallow weed edges, typically in 7′ of water or less. A variety of presentations are working and it can change day to day. Flashy attractive patterns are the best bet for fly anglers(PumpkinHeads, Vampire Leaches, Micro leaches) but we did have some guests do very well on the weekend fishing dark patterns(black with dark green rib) chironomids.
Casting Blue Fox spinners, into the weed edges, can be an effective presentation at this time of the year.
Trolling has been a bit spotty. Worms under a float will always get you into fish.
We are hosting a bunch of the competitors for the North American Loche Style fishing tournament, who are fishing here, and on 4 other area lakes. There are allot of good fishermen around this week!

This nice one feel for a dark leach stripped in the shallow’s close to the resort.

Sept. 14, 17

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Sept. 4,17

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Aug. 9,17

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August 2,17

Fishing has been spotty for most with some catching 20+ fish. Location and waiting for fish to come through has been the best. Damsels, dragon flies, caddis, may flies and all sizes of Chironomids have been coming off along with … Continue reading

July 24/17

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July 17/17

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July 14, 17

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July 10/17

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