July 5,17

A beautiful sunny and warm day today with highs to 27, evening temps are up to 8 last night from cooler temps the previous nights. Water temps were 56 yesterday on the surface, down considerably for some time. Today Damsels reappeared along with Dragon flies, Cinnamon Caddis have been coming off and some are doing well on Caddis pupae slow stripped. Today with warmer waters from the warm day fish have moved to deeper waters and some chironomid fishers started doing well on larva patterns like the Coppertop in large sizes. We expect good hatches to return with the more warmer and stable weather pattern which looks good for the next 5 to 6 days. Fish have been caught on Kwick fish,Hotshots, #14 Chironomids(Come see us) damsel patterns, leeches and caddis pupae..

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