Tunkwa area received incredible amounts of rain on Sat night and most of the day Sunday. All this water and snow melt ended up sitting on-top of the ice, causing very slippery and wet conditions. Amazingly die hards were out there fishing in the deluge! Sundays cold night froze this water and added to the ice thickness. The ice is plenty safe in front of the resort, BUT it is not safe up at the north end of the lake, as of Monday afternoon, there were several holes of open water, and large areas that has just refroze closed the night before. We do not recommend anyone venturing on the ice through the Provincial Park, especially around the Knoll or the North Bay. Stick to the shallow bays on the south end of the lake and you’ll be good. Bring some cleats though, it’s one giant skating rink with out any snow on the surface of the ice!.

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