Ice fishing has been very good the past few days. Trout are actively feeding in the shallows, gorging on scuds(freshwater shrimp). Fishing the low light periods see’s the best action, first light and the last hour of light in the afternoon. Fishing lures like the Slab Rap, with an aggressive sweeping motion, has triggered some aggressive hits. The old reliable “Tunkwa Rig’ is working as well, have to make sure you put a lot of flash out from the spoon, and keep the jig wiggling.
The south bays of Tunkwa have a good solid 7” of ice, plenty safe for foot traffic, still not enough for quads or snow machines yet. We do not recommend anyone venturing out to the centre of the lake, or any of the bays along the north shore, as there was open water up there, and conditions are questionable. We have not been on Leighton but observed people fishing there close to shore off the boat launch.

The Rapala Slab Rap strikes again!

Thomas with a nice limit from Thurs. afternoon..

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