Mar. 23, 24

We have had close to a week of mid teens temperatures by the afternoons with just below 0 temps at night, the last few days the highs have been around 8, overnight just around 0. The upcoming week highs are from 3 to 5 and lows overnight hovering around -4, it looks a few deg. cooler the second week ahead with highs to 3 to 4 Deg. to -6 at night. Ice off is expected sometime during the 2nd week of April. Robbins, Crows and Starlings are here now, geese and ducks are in the thawed off ponds in the area and rabbits around the resort starting to change to their summer colors from the white of their winter coat so Spring is in the air. Most of the snow has melted in the lower elevations. Small chironomids were hatching from some ice fisherman holes last weekend. Lake edges have had some melting with open water on the edges in the afternoons but they freeze over at night.



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