Sept. 8, 23

Surface water temps have dropped and reached 60 Deg, transitioning the lake to fall fishing. Overnight temps dropped to 0 during the week with sunny, calm and clear blue skies. Unlike last fall so far it’s a seasonal start to … Continue reading

Aug. 24, 23

Fishing has been slowly getting better as chironomid hatches are getting larger in size and more areas of the lake are seeing hatches. mainly #12’s are coming off in various colors, fish are feeding from taking adults off the surface … Continue reading

August 5, 23

Fishing has gotten better as there have been a few chironomid hatches in various areas of the lake. Fish come through and stick around feeding on the hatch and fishing has been good at those times, hatches stop or thin … Continue reading

July 13, 23

Not much change since the last report. Lots of damsels, small caddis and scuds in the shallows providing plentiful food for the fish. Even fishing patterns to match have been tough. Mornings and evenings are the most productive along weed … Continue reading

July 2,23

Fishing continues to be spotty although picking up at times. We have finally had 3 days of strong Southerly winds and last night at 10 the winds switched to North and blew 30k plus for a number of hours giving … Continue reading

June 25, 23

Fishing has picked up as the chironomid hatches have picked up with fish coming out of the weeds. Chromies, Elvis, black, G & R, limeys and bloodworms have caught fish. Pumpkinheads and Vampire leeches casted/stripped  or balanced under an indicator, … Continue reading

June 21,23

The past week we have had much windier weather and cool temperatures with a lot of rain dropping surface temps down to 59 from 69 Deg. Fish are more active and coming out of the weeds more than the past … Continue reading

June 4, 23

Fishing continues to be very spotty with not much change from the last report with only very small chironomids coming off now. Fish have been seen on sonar more the past couple days  throughout the water column. Trollers using Hot … Continue reading

May 21,23

Spotty fishing continued the past week, some fishers are doing ok to good while most others are struggling. Small bloodworms, black body/head with silver rib chironomids #16’s 2-3x and 14 1x working. Throat samples vary from small scuds, larger scuds, … Continue reading

May 7, 23

A lengthy stretch of cool wet weather looks to leave us Wednesday as sunshine and warmer weather return and peaking next weekend with highs of25-27 Deg forecasted! Winter, Summer, Spring and now Summer temps making it a first for weather … Continue reading