June 5,24

The cold May and 1st few days of June are behind us, water temps got up to 56 10 days ago and did drop to 49 less than a week ago and now sits at 54. Warmer temperatures will raise … Continue reading

May 17, 24

Fishing continues to be good the past week and continues with the unstable weather over the Victoria Long Weekend. We woke up to snow in the hills and a strong Northwesterly wind with the odd shower. Lows will be dropping … Continue reading

May 5, 24

Spring has seen a gradual warming of the water, surface temps hit 50 yesterday afternoon. Mid to low 40’s the past few weeks. Good chironomid hatches have been seen. mainly 16’s, some 14’s and yesterday 12’s were coming off. Fish … Continue reading

Apr. 14, 24

Beautiful sunny and warm temps up to 17 Deg. with calm to light breeze this weekend, water temps 43 Deg. in the mornings up to 45 during the day. Over a week of strong winds and cool temperatures right at … Continue reading

Apr. 5, 24

Tunkwa Lake iced off Tuesday late afternoon, high winds pushed the ice to the North shore line. Cool temps and moderate winds out of the North will have conditions chilly out there.

Mar. 23, 24

We have had close to a week of mid teens temperatures by the afternoons with just below 0 temps at night, the last few days the highs have been around 8, overnight just around 0. The upcoming week highs are … Continue reading

Mar. 9, 24

Old Man Winter has loosened it’s grip yesterday with above freezing temperatures during the day and just above freezing overnight. Daytime temperatures forecast in the low teens starting next Friday but over night it drops to below freezing. Were staring … Continue reading

Feb 10,24

Fishing has slowed down a bit, fish to 19 inches were caught during the week on dew worms, shrimp and krill. A few reports of larger fish getting broken off by line snaps trying to get them out of the … Continue reading

Jan. 28,24

Very slushy/wet conditions currently on the lake with the snow from the last snowfall and above freezing temps. Ice is around 14 inches thick. Fishing was good on Friday but Saturday they were tight lipped. Fish were caught on krill, … Continue reading