June 5,24

The cold May and 1st few days of June are behind us, water temps got up to 56 10 days ago and did drop to 49 less than a week ago and now sits at 54. Warmer temperatures will raise the surface water temps for the coming days and into the weekend. We had a big blow yesterday from the South West, calm conditions as the High moved in this morning with a slight breeze from the S. West this afternoon. Small chironomids have been coming off today along with chucks seen in the #14 range. Last years stockers have been very active since ice off and seem to be tapering off now. Lots of cool and windy conditions in May, this warmer spell is nice to see. Adult Damsels have not been seen yet, 6-mile and Morgan they have been coming off. Various methods like spinners, kwik fish, hot shots, worm under a float along with chironomids, leeches, Mayfly nymphs, scuds and Damsel nymphs have produced fish, fishing in the right locations can produce the larger fish.

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