June 29,24

Fishing has been fair the past few weeks. Weather is finally slowly warming up, surface temps hovering around 60F which is just enough to start some damsel hatches which is almost a month behind schedule in this unusual cooler start to the season. Finding feeding fish has been in shallow to very shallow water slurping up the damsel nymphs as they work their way to the shore line and climb up the bulrushes or shoreline grasses to shed their chucks, dry their wing to take flight. Floating line with mono leader and tippet casting to boiling water as the fish take the nymphs inches below the surface  is a lot of fun as they slam the nymph during their feeding. Troller are picking up fish with Kwick fish and Hotshots, worms under a float has had some success. Chironomid hatches did slowdown with only very small(18-22’s) coming off. Yesterday evening  #12’s were popping in 7 feet of water so hopefully were start to see some better hatches of bigger bugs in the near future. Their down their so bloodworms twice the size of the adults seen may do the trick, coppertops have been in the chatter, throat pumps show medium olive pupae in smaller sizes(18-16’s) with the odd larger very dark green pupae, your Zucchini or Pornamid  patterns mat work but being the odd one may not. Saw a dragonfly a few days ago so that may be part of the groceries the fish may take. Weeds are still down with the cooler Spring. An unusual Spring with mainly unstable weather up until now has most die hard fly guys scratching their heads as fish are not feeding deeper than 10 feet yet. Casting and stripping has been good, although some get dialed in on the indicator, it makes it frustrating parked close by with 5000 chironomids on board and the indicator just gets in the way when casting and stripping and rarely goes down. Mayfly hatches have been light and scattered.

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