Yesterday saw the start of ‘any buck’ season. With it falling on a Saturday, saw a lot of people out hunting. Weather has been bright and sunny, not ideal hunting conditions, but at least our nights are getting cold, down … Continue reading


Not many hunting guests in this past bit, so not much to report. We start seeing more hunters up here, come the opening of ‘any buck’ season. One or Annuals, Marcel was out with his daughter, and they harvested this … Continue reading

Season Opening

The early season Junior and Archery hunt opened on the first of Sept. Pressure was light, and all of our Junior guests in hunting, tagged out. We had 4 mulie bucks harvested, the largest being a nice wide 4×4. Only … Continue reading


A really cold week up here, with night time temps dipping to -25. No snow since Tuesdays storm, that gave us another few inches of snow. Sounding like the mule deer rut has slowed right down, but whitetail bucks are … Continue reading

Nov. 23/15

A slow week for hunters in the Tunkwa area, when usually it’d be prime time…….. Some colder night time temps, but still warmer daytimes, some snow down earlier in the week. The snow is very crunchy, making stalking near impossible, … Continue reading

Nov 15,15

We received 20 cm of snow at the valley floor/lake, upper elevation received more. Smaller bucks are on the doe’s but larger bucks have not come out to chase the doe’s. Colder weather forecast should change things dramatically this week as … Continue reading


Temps have been for the most part still above normal, with most nights just barely hitting freezing. We had snow on Mon. and Tuesday, then a bit on Wed. but the sun and warmer temps have melted it off around … Continue reading