Nov. 23/15

A slow week for hunters in the Tunkwa area, when usually it’d be prime time……..

Some colder night time temps, but still warmer daytimes, some snow down earlier in the week.

The snow is very crunchy, making stalking near impossible, and the roads are ice making it a challenge getting up, then back down.It’s time to put the chains on.

Incredible amount of game track in the snow, with lots of bucks covering ground. Some huge buck track…just need them standing in it.

Mulie bucks have been on the does,defintiely rutting and whitetail bucks are moving, but primarily at night only, still not rutting. A change in the weather with snow/cold temps in the forecast should help things out.

Since the last report, the game shed has had lots of room, with guest harvesting a 5×3 Mulie, a 4×4 mule, and a LEH mulie doe. There was a nice big tom cougar(172lber) taken on Sat around the lake.

*********A reminder to hunters, the grasslands and parklands are still closed to ATV’s!!!! We have been seeing lots of hunter ATV activity in areas that are closed to ATV’s. Provincial Park Rangers and Forestry authorities are aware of it.

PLEASE OBEY the signage and respect the closed areas!!!.

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