Temps have been for the most part still above normal, with most nights just barely hitting freezing. We had snow on Mon. and Tuesday, then a bit on Wed. but the sun and warmer temps have melted it off around the resort, and lower elevations, what is left is very crunchy. Some snow did stay at the higher elevations, and more is in the forecast for this week.

The rut is still not on around here, smaller bucks are being seen harassing does, but they are not responsive. Some of the 4pts taken this week, have been seen around the does, but the bigger dominant bucks have not been out on them yet.


Since the last report guest have harvested:

6 -Mule does(LEH)

2 -Cow moose(LEH)

1 -4×3 Mule Bucks

2 -4×4 Mule

1 -5×4 Mule

1 -WT buck.

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