A really cold week up here, with night time temps dipping to -25. No snow since Tuesdays storm, that gave us another few inches of snow. Sounding like the mule deer rut has slowed right down, but whitetail bucks are still chasing does, mostly nocturnal though.

Since the last report, our game shed saw:

1 4×2 Mulie Buck

1 Whitetail buck

1 Mulie doe(LEH)

1 5×6 Mulie Buck


Scott and Jim Adams connected with nice Tunkwa Mulie buck.


Gary and Erin dropped this beauty 5×6 Mulie buck on Nov.28, a wall hanger!


A beauty 6×6 Whitetail buck from 3-19 taken on the 17th, as a big storm raced in. Another wall hanger..

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