May 5, 24

Spring has seen a gradual warming of the water, surface temps hit 50 yesterday afternoon. Mid to low 40’s the past few weeks. Good chironomid hatches have been seen. mainly 16’s, some 14’s and yesterday 12’s were coming off. Fish have been taking a wide variety of color chironomids. Leech patterns in the mornings and during the day have been working with some guys switching over to chironomids late morning to dusk.  Kwik Fish and Hot Shots trolled slowly have been successful. Spinners like the Foxtail produced fish. The upcoming week’s forecast is looking good with highs to the low 20’s by Friday, we should see some good hatches as the week progresses.

We do have some smaller cabins open next weekend with one 2 bedroom  popular cabin 13(Barneys) available and some mid week availability. May Long weekend is fully booked including campsites and all the weekends in June are booked, we do have some mid week openings. The Large luxury cabin #1 has come available starting June 5th.

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